Beautysets - Pregnancy Wishlist

1.  Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor £74.46 from John Lewis - I have heard really good things about this monitor, it has a motion sensor pad that doens't go off every 5 seconds, alarming you, your other half and your baby.  We were going to go for a video monitor but decided against it as we could possibly get a little too obsessed with watching our little one, plus our parents never had those when we were babies and we turned out just fine!

2.  Millie and Boris Baby Record Book £18.50 from Mamas and Papas - This is one of the nicest baby record books I have seen, it is jam packed full of pages to record the life of your little one as well as little pockets and envelopes for you to put little souvenirs from your journey together in

3.  Elephant Print Baby Blanket £20 from John Lewis - Since we are going with a slight elephant theme for Harry's nursery this baby blanket is a must have for us! Its so so cute, just right colour blue and is amazing quality
4.  Easidream Ewan the Sheep £27.50 from Precious Little One - We have recently been reccommended this little cutie by friends with a baby and they have advised that this is one thing we MUST buy! Ewan the sheep emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency  that can be played to your baby even before birth into your belly.  The sounds of heartbeats and womb sounds can be heard which really helps to calm your baby and send them off to sleep.  It also glows pink as this is really comforting to babies and has several calming noises to choose from
5. Leather Moccasin £25.99 from Zara - Baby moccasins are just TOO cute aren't they!!?  I have seen at least 5 or 6 pairs in Zara alone that I feel baby Harry must have in his life!  I know he won't be wearing shoes anytime soon but it doesn't hurt for him to have a few in his closet does it..  These red leather ones from Zara are my absolute favourite!
6.  Elephant Nursery Prints £39.33 from Etsy - I fell in love with these prints a while ago when I came across them on Etsy!  They inspired our nursery theme and colour scheme and i can't wait to buy them and put them up on the wall!!
Whats on your pregnancy wishlist??


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