20 Week Scan

Our 20 week scan was this week and not only was it a very very exciting time but it was also a very nerve wracking time, as your baby's organs are pretty much developed and this scan is to check that everything is OK with their teeny tiny bodies!

After our scare last week I think the nerves were probably at their highest but I can very happily say that everything looked fine with little Harry and he's cooking just nicely in there!

I basically had to be tipped almost vertical halfway through my scan so that he would move, as he was snuggled right into my pelvis and the doctor wanted to see his face which is why our scan picture is at a funny angle!
I can't believe how big he looks in the photos, it hardly seems possible that he is curled up inside my belly!

I'm a little sad that this is probably the last time we will see Baby H before he is born but this makes me more excited for his arrival!

Were you nervous before your 20 week scan??


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