3D & 4D 16 Week Scan

I am super impatient and waiting for our 20 week scan to come around so we could find out if we were having a chico or chica seemed to be taking flipping forever!  I was chatting to a work friend the other day and she mentioned that you could have 3D and 4D gender scans from as early as 16 weeks!!  Upon hearing this I immediately started my research and found a lovely place called I Can See You! in Yateley, Hampshire

The appointment is 15 minutes long and you get to see your little one in 2D, 3D and 4D form on a big screen in front of you.  They advised me that they can usually 100% tell straight away the gender, but if baby is being particularly awkward and they cannot see then they will ask you to come back another day free of charge

I am SO excited about our trip to I Can See You! as it is TONIGHT eeeek!!!  Don't worry, once I find out what we are expecting I am sure you guys will be the first to know about it!

If you want to book yourself a private scan, whether its a gender thing or just a little bonding session so you can see your little one you will find all the information on their website here 

Have you ever had a 3D or 4D scan and are you as impatient as me??!


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