Weigh-in #13

I have one pound left to go!

but can I make my goal of 
hitting pre-pregnant weight by Thanksgiving?!?!

Doubt it
 since I have 3 days left before feasting.
But who knows.
(Although, the way I'm downing this spilt pea soup for lunch, its not looking good!)

And no matter what,
even if I do make that magical number appear on the scale by Wednesday,
I WILL be eating pie (and turkey and all things delicious) come Thursday, 
and likely Friday, 
and maybe Saturday.
I think me and the scale will be having words when I get back home from our trip.

Oh well,
totally worth it.

I did get pretty stinkin close to making my goal.
14 pounds off in 13 weeks of publicized weigh-ins.
31 pounds of "baby" off in 19 weeks.
Here's hoping for the entire 32 off in 20 weeks. (???)
(But lets not hold me to it -- I have plenty of things to be thankful for over my Thanksgiving feasting!)
(I'll probably have to do a couple extra weeks worth of weigh ins in the upcoming post-hoilday days.)
(Hmm does that count for Christmas too??!? Eek!)

Maybe you all can cheer me on, so I don't really over do it?


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