The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent

I know a lot of people are fine with putting their kid's real name's on their blogs.
And really, I think that's fine too.
But I'm just one of those people who thinks really hard about everything.
And I'm just not sure that blogs have been around long enough for us to see what impact they have on children of bloggers.
If their whole life has been played out for the public eye, is that strange?
Like people they don't know (and really their blogging parent doesn't know) "know" them is that uncomfortable?
I'm not sure, if my mom were a famous blogger, that I'd like strangers coming up to me and talking to me about everything and knowing my name and such.
Not that I am a famous blogger.
I just don't know if my girls will want this for themselves.
So I figure, the least I can do is not put their real name on the blog.

Thus far I've been just calling my oldest daughter "J" on the blog. Since her name starts with the letter J.
But daughter #2's name starts with an "A" -- and that doesn't work so well in sentences. It looks like the words "a" like "a book" (or whatever) only it never makes sense. So I've been having to call her "Baby A". But that makes her sound like one of a set of twins (they always call them BabyA and BabyB.) So it annoys me. Plus she won't be a baby forever. (It seems like it won't even be for much longer -- its going by so fast! 4 Months! Woah!)

I've decided I'm gonna use fake names. To alleviate the problem.


"J" will henceforth be known as "Jasmine" on the blog.
And "Baby A" will be known as "Ruby".

Im not gonna go back and fix old posts...just from here on out they get fancy new names. :)

(I hope this does not confuse people who know us in person.)


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