Pacapod Mirano Changing Bag

After 4 weeks of using it, I got sick and tired of rooting through my Cath Kidston changing bag to try and find bum cream, nappies or my lip balm.. It was full to the brim and I could barely fit my purse in. I was ready to rip it up to be quite honest!

After a teeny bit of research online I found Pacapod - a range of ultra stylish changing bags with a 3 in 1 storage system - and I fell I love with this little beaut, the Mirano bag

I desperately needed some organisation in my old changing bag as things were all over the place. Nappies were mixed up with bottles, muslins and spare clothing and it was quickly driving me insane. The Pacapod Mirano bag answers all my prayers with its 3 separate compartments for 3 different uses. The first 'pod' is for feeding and easily fits 3 of my quite bulky Dr Browns bottles, a muslin, Infacol and bibs.

The 2nd is purely for nappy changing equipment and has space for plenty of nappies, wipes, creams, cotton wool etc etc.
The pods are completely removable which I LOVE as when out and about you don't need to lug an entire bag over to the changing station you can just whip your pod out and everything you would need is visible and easily accessible.

Included in the package is a cute and comfy changing mat, a bottle insulator and a little drawstring bag for baby's spare clothing.

The main compartment of the bag is purely all for me! If I wanted to I could fit a laptop or iPad in there, purse, makeup, spare tshirt (I have found this quite important after wandering around the shops with puke stains on my top!).

The quality of the Mirano is beautiful and I can see it lasting me years which is great because it doesn't come cheap at £99. 
I am head over heels for mine and Harry's new arm candy and I think it's well worth the investment!

Have you tried any bags from the Pacapod range??


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