Harry's 6 Week Update

Long time no see blogger buddies.. I do apologise for my lack of posts but life had been a bit of a roller coaster ride lately, as you can imagine! Being parents is harder than Mr H and I ever imagined.. It's completely overwhelming but oh SO rewarding at the same time!
I took a bit of a break from blogging to concentrate on my little family and also Christmas - which now seems a lifetime ago! But I have so many things to post about that I have already learnt about being a mummy, I can't wait to share them with you..

Height/weight: We actually haven't had Harry weighed in a couple of weeks so we don't know! I will find out at our checkup on Monday :-) 

Daily: We had a bit of a meltdown when Harry hit the 1 month mark. He seemed to completely change his likes and dislikes and also the times he wanted to feed. Both of us went down ill with flu which it totally threw us out of sync and we had many a sleepless night with an extremely clingy baby. I was convinced that Harry was too young to be in a proper routine after reading a billion forums and listening to all sorts of advice but after a visit from my god mum (who we shall now be calling super god nanny) we realised that he is totally ready for a routine and that we had already got him in some terrible habits. We were letting our baby dictate our days whereas it should really be the other way around.
I am doing a separate post on Harry's routine as this will become a massive essay otherwise! 

Bedtime: Bedtime is what I dread most about our days together.. Harry has colic  and is really difficult to settle in the evenings without cuddling, rocking or distractions.. His poor tummy always seems to be causing him trouble. We have a GP appointment tomorrow to hopefully get a little bit of releif for him. 
One huge change from my last update is that Harry is now sleeping in his cot in his own room. Now I know this is a really controversial topic and that health professionals recommend your baby sleeps in a cot in your room for 6 months but unfortunately this just didn't work for us at all. He now has some really great nights in his cot and can go up to 5 hours without waking for a feed! He does have little random sleepy cries in between though either for his dummy or because his tummy seems to be causing him trouble 

Eating: Our little man was a pretty good eater in the first weeks and was taking on average 4oz every 3 hours but as he hit that 1 month mark that went totally out the window and he was "snacking", taking 2oz every 2 hours including through the night.
We have now started to give Harry Aptamil Comfort Milk still in his Dr Brown bottles and some Gripe Water in every feed which we don't know if it's helping relieve his tummy or not right now.  We have got a great feeding routine in place now that Harry has taken to like a dream! We feed him every 4 hours and he takes 4oz every time and now and again will drain a 5oz! We have learnt how to distract him away from wanting feeds earlier and he now will usually wait patiently for a bottle during the daytime

Clothing: Our little dude is now just starting to fit into his 0-3 month clothing! It's so scary how fast he's growing! I'm kind of excited though for him growing up to 3-6 month as we have some lovely outfits for him to wear as he gets bigger!! He has got a teeny little waist though just like his daddy so trousers all seem really big round the middle!

Harry now smiles!!!! The cutest smiles ever! At first we weren't sure if they were real as he was just over 3 weeks old but then he didn't stop doing them at his Nanna one day and hasn't stopped since! I also had a FaceTime call with him and he have me a HUGE grin!!! It melts my heart every single time and makes all those sleepless nights totally worth it
Sleeping in his cot during the day and the night is a huge milestone for a 6 week old baby!
He can now have a little bit of playtime and has started to notice toys when you out them near his face.. I love that and can't wait till we can have loads of fun with all the heaps of toys I'm sure he will have!

I would love to hear from any parents of baby's with colic who have some advice!


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