My Baby Shower

This weekend one of my besties Jennie threw me an amazing baby shower!!
I had received my invitation a couple of months ago, so I knew it was going to be a "Little Man" theme with moustaches and everything! I'd been excited about it for weeks and it certainly did not disappoint!!

I arrived before everyone else so I could FaceTime Mr H and show him the amazing effort Jennie had put in! Her flat had practically been redecorated, it looked amazing!!

...This cake was homemade by Jennie - I think she is in the wrong proffession!! It looked absolutely perfect and tasted delicious!

...Jennie's other half created a slideshow of my bump update pictures!!

...So many lovely gifts!!!

...My big sis :-)

...We had a BYOB (bring your own baby) policy at the party! This is Harry's future friend April! 

...My niece Lily!

...Jennie adorned everything she could get her hands on with these chalkboard moustache stickers!

...Scott's sister and my mummy!

...I had a ridiculous amount of presents to open, we were so spoilt! This lovely gift box was put together by Sarah from Bump Baby C and Me and was full of cute things!

... I had a little helper to assist in present opening of course!

...Seriously this cake was absolutely incredible - yum!

...Thank you so much Jennie for arranging such a special day for Harry and I!! We love you!!


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