Love List

1. Something about cool weather makes me want to try tons of new recipes & cook all sorts of goodies. Or maybe it's because I'm pregnant? Either way. These soft pretzel bites have caught my eye more than once so I am going to give them a go next weekend. I am also loving this apple nachos recipe for something to do with leftover Snickers bars from Halloween candy, genius!
Holiday Fall-iday snacks really are the best!

2. Halloween costumes, finally! We officially decided on our costumes, I have a little work to do but for the most part they are finished. Harper has two costumes, one for Halloween night & one for trunk-or-treat next weekend. So excited to dress Harper up (and ourselves!) & of course, see what all of your little ones will be dressed as!

3. You know we love our pancakes & waffles around here. I found this waffle dipper baking pan to easily make little waffle sticks, perfect for little fingers & fun for entertaining! This would also make the perfect gift for anyone with toddlers. Or anyone with a waffle obsession.
4. It's almost time to bust out the matching footies. 

5. I am obsessed with all the new cozy hats, scarves & mittens from Target, the colors are so vibrant & are making me wish it might snow just a little here! ;)

6. Turkey & Touchdowns! We are having a huge family Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year, family traveling all the way here from Iowa & we are so so so excited!
The year I was pregnant with Harper, my parents were driving down to have Thanksgiving with us & hit a deer on the interstate in the middle of the night. They were almost halfway here, but it totaled their car so they had to stay in a hotel overnight, rent a car & drive home the next day. So they never made it here. We are hoping for a much better turnout this year!
I can't wait to have them here, and of course to start planning all the food & fun!!!

7. ABC Family 13 Nights of Halloween officially kicked off this weekend, you can find the lineup here! Hocus Pocus played over & over, just like the Garvin house! ;) I've also somehow never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas, so I am determined to catch it this year!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! :)


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