37 Week Update

 How far along? 37 WEEKS - officially full term!!!!!

Total weight gain:  God knows! My bump has dropped loads though which seems to make it looks smaller!?

Maternity clothes?  Nothing new at all, I have been living in my Topshop maternity Jamie jeans 

Stretch marks? Still nothing and still using good old Palmers Original Formula Cocoa Butter and Mama Mio Boob Tube  (review here)
My belly has been quite dry and really rashy this week though and nothing seems to be soothing it!

Sleep:  Sleep has been totally up and down! One night I'm sleeping really well and only waking up for the toilet a couple of times and others I can't get to sleep and then I'm waking up 5 or 6 times with rib pain!

Best moment this week: Seeing Sarah from Bump, Baby C and Me and baby Albie was a highlight this week!! They are both great and looking amazing :-)

Worst moment this week:  I've been in quite a lot of pain this week in various places of my preggo body! 

Miss anything?  I don't actually miss anything this week really!

Movement: Harry is way down there now and feels like he is going to push his way out at any moment!! The sharp pain you get down below is indescribable - I am sure this is a billion times worse in labour!!
His movements are very restricted now and I do feel them a little less which took some getting used to

Food cravings:  just hot chocolate!!!! 

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope

Gender: Boy :-) 

Labour signs: So I did actually have some what seemed like early labour signs! I woke up Wednesday and just didn't feel right at all.. I was extremely dizzy, nauseous and I had a funny tummy. I went out and experienced some sharp pains in my bump that were coming and going as well as a lot of tightening. This then turned into what felt like period cramps, low in my tummy and back! This continued all the way into the night until I fell asleep but then I woke up the next day and felt completely normal with no pain or discomfort whatsoever!!! Random huh?!

Symptoms:  Most of my symptoms are above, random tummy aches and cramps, dizziness, nausea and the pressure in my pelvis.
Again my rib pain has been really bad as well I am convinced I am going to have permanant damage to them! They feel broken! It is particularly bad at night when I have been laying on one side to long
Heartburn has been random too.. One day really awful and the next not there at all! I always make sure I have gaviscon with me though just in case it strikes 

Belly button in or out?  Really flat!

Happy or moody most of the time? I have been a pretty happy bunny this week apart from when I'm in agony with some sort of preggo pain!

Looking forward to:  Moving into our house!!!!!!!!!!

Bump: (and other random pics!)


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