Spring Decor Style With Kleenex

It has been a long winter over here, and between cold season & pregnancy, it seems like I have have been sniffling for the last few months. We have gone through so much hand soap & sanitizer, but our colds just seem to linger. And having a runny-nosed-toddler running around means you need to be prepared to have tissues at your fingertips at all time. So when Kleenex reached out about their new Style Finder, I was all over it. Having tissues within reach in every room is a must & having a cute box makes it much more fun!

With warm weather just around the corner, opening up the windows to bring in some fresh air, organizing room by room & freshening up some of the spaces around our house have been at the top of my to do list. Nesting much? Maybe.

 Some major Spring cleaning has been going down, which includes taking everything off every surface to dust & sanitize. This is great for getting a new perspective when you put everything away again, finding better ways to organize or different ways to decorate your space. I love using glass jars, votives or even small vintage dishes for things like q-tips or cotton balls in the bathroom, and of course baskets to contain all of the clutter. New candles with Spring scents & some fresh flowers are also great ways to freshen up a space. Did you know that ice cubes in your flowers will help keep them from drooping?

A punch of color from the modern floral Kleenex box fit right in & the pattern totally screams Spring! ;)
So check out the new Kleenex Style Finder to find out if there is a perfect design that would fit your decor style! Stay healthy & Happy Spring cleaning!

This post was sponsored by Kleenex, however all opinions (and stuffy noses) were 100% my own.


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