Harry's Weaning Journey: Baby Rice

At 15 and a bit weeks we decided that it was time to start giving Harry something other than just formula. Actually it was more Harry's decision than ours as he was quite frankly just plain bored of milk! He started becoming very difficult to feed after only 3 or 4 ounces which resulted in him not really taking enough in and getting hungry wayyyy before his next feed was due. He had also started to really watch us when we were eating and drinking - another sign that your baby could be ready to start weaning. He can also hold his head up very well and sit in a supportive chair quite comfortably. The guidelines are still to hold off weaning until 6 months but there is no way out little chap would wait until that long, plus my parents started us off at Harry's age and we all turned out fine. If any of the food doesn't agree with him then I simply won't give it to him for a while and try again another time

The first stage of our weaning journey is baby rice.. Probably the least exciting thing I have ever tasted (yes that's right I tasted it, if it's going in my little boys mouth I decided I need to try it first!!) We have gone for the Aptamil Organic Baby Rice mainly because it's the same brand as his formula so it seems to make sense to follow suit.
We tried to give it to him before his early morning bottle at 7am but the first spoonful did not go down well, he cringed and cried a bit so we gave him a couple of spoonfuls between gulps of milk which seemed to work a lot better and he started to enjoy it! None of it was spat out at all once he got the hang of how to "chew" and swallow it!

If you are thinking of starting the weaning process you will need a few bits of equipment.. Nothing fancy don't worry!
We have a couple of packs of weaning spoons, I find the soft tip ones are the best. Some storage pots and bowls in various sizes, all with lids making them perfect for travel and all microwave safe. We also have little freezer storage pots for when I start making Harry's food, these are fantastic as they are the perfect portion size so you're less likely to waste food.

I will be giving him baby rice with his early morning bottle for a couple of weeks and trying it with his afternoon bottle too, then after this I will introduce other flavours. I went out and bought Annabel Karmel's weaning book upon Sarah's recommendation for when we get started on the proper food! It is jam packed full of information, tips and recipes and has a meal planner which I will try to follow! I can't wait to see what flavours and textures Harry likes best!!


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