Harry at 3 Months

Wow, how time has flown.  I sound like a blogger mummy broken record but honestly time has zoomed by and my teeny tiny baby has now grown into a little man!!

The past 12 weeks have been the most challenging and emotional I have ever experienced, whilst also being the most amazing and incredible!
Being a mummy no doubt the is HARDEST thing I've ever done!!

The love I feel for my little star is completely indescribable and just when I think its reached its peak he does something that makes me love him even more!!!

Height/weight: Bad mummy hasn't had Harry weighed in ages. We seem to be constantly busy with appointments for his ears etc! We will be getting him weighed next week! I can safely say that he is a bit of a chunk though!

Daily: You can read about Harry's current routine here
Mornings are my favourite time spent with my little dude. No matter how the night has gone there is nothing better than seeing my sons smiling face when I go into his room to get him up! It reminds me why I LOVE my job as a mummy!!
I think H has started teething which means he has been a bit if a grumpy pup for the last few days but we have been giving him calpol and plenty of things to stuff in his mouth and chew on!
He is completely besotted with his playmat and will spend a good hour bashing and shouting at all the dangly toys! 
He's such a smiley character I adore spending my days with him

Bedtime:  Harry still loves his baths and has really hit until the swing of the bath bottle bed routine. He goes down no trouble at all once his belly is full! We don't hear from him again until 11pm where I give him his dreamfeed. He is still taking a good few ounces at this time so I don't see him dropping that feed anytime soon. He has however dropped his night feed *dances around the room* ! We are still having to get up for him in the early hours as he cries in his sleep but popping his dummy in usually soothes him back into lovely slumber! 

Eating: Little H is all about the milk and will take a full 6 ounces every 4 hours usually starting at 7-7.30 am
He is on Aptamil First Milk formula with added coleif for his colic. We will need to wean him off that starting next week but coleif saved our lives!!! It was amazing!

Clothing: Harry's 0-3 month clothes are getting a little tight to say the least, so the 3-6 month stuff will be making an appearance very soon! I'm looking forward to getting him in some of his lovely new clothes but I must say I will miss him being so tiny!!
My fave shops are still The Little White Company and John Lewis for really good quality clothing but Tesco and Next do some really cute bits too at fantastic prices!

Milestones: Little H is a proper smiler now and is well on his way to laughing too!
He can hold his little toys now and has started to put everything in his mouth!
A big milestone for Harry is that he has started to take some of his daytime naps laying on his back! This is a huge achievement for a baby who loves his tummy time!
He's so so close to rolling over and we keep trying to make him by giving him little pushes!!
H can hold his head up quite firmly and I am SO excited for when he can sit up!

Hearing: We put Harry's hearing aids in everyday for as long as we possibly can. They are quite frustrating for us as they give off a lot of feedback (like the sound of a microphone when you hold it to a speaker) We are concerned that he will end up with ringing in the ear permanently but the audiologist assures us that it won't.
We still don't know how much/if he can hear but be does seem to respond when we chat to him or make certain sounds a bit more with the aids in. He also seems a bit more vocal himself with them in!
I still say a silent prayer everyday that they are working for him or that a miracle will happen and he gets his natural hearing back!


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