Looking Good To Give Birth

A while back I read an article on the daily mail website about women who are going to extreme lengths to look good during labour - you can read the article here
Now whilst some of the measure's the women have gone to seem a little over the top, I think that us preggo ladies have every right to pamper ourselves in preparation for labour! 
I personally wouldn't go as far as having a spray tan and a salon blow dry but I would have fake tan on as its something I use daily, and yes I will be applying makeup and doing my hair if I feel like it and have the time beforehand!  I know it could be a total waste of time as I will end up a screaming sweating mess but why not let a girl try and make herself feel good on one of the most stressful/amazing days of her life!
The first thing I will be doing when I feel the first twinge is jumping in the bath and sorting our my *ahem* lady garden!
I did also consider buying a Gownie like the one Anna Saccone wore in her birth with Emelia.  Its cute, pink, polka dot and comfy and made her feel good - much nicer than having to wear a used hospital gown which has greyed out in the wash! I instead opted for a Primark nightie due to the price of a Gownie!!
I think women are criticised far too much during pregnancy.. we are slated when we look huge, slobbish and don't "dress our bumps" but its the same when we do try to make the effort to look flawless
So girls.. if you want to wear a tutu, tiara and glitter hairspray during your hospital stay then I say go for it and don't let anybody stand in your way!!

How do you feel about people who want to look good on labour?


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