Little Tiny Happinesses

Does anyone else have a hard time fitting the big store sized bottle of mouthwash in their bathroom?

I always have, in either house we've lived in.
It doesn't fit in the medicine cabinet, and and I don't like having it under the sink -- not very baby proof.

So I wanted to find a travel bottle to keep a smaller portion of mouthwash in, that will actually fit in our medicine cabinet. (So I could put the big bottle away in the linen closet.)

I also wanted to do the same thing with some olive oil. That's what I use to take off my mascara. (Works perfect -- all natural and good for the skin!)

And well, I have this thing where I basically can not separate form and function --- if it functions it needs good form, if it has nice form I need it to function. So I didn't want just any old travel bottle. I wanted a cute travel bottle. I was just keeping my eyes open in the sample and travel sized isles of stores, but hadn't seen much cuteness.

Then during a walk through Hobby Lobby I chanced down the isle that has fancy sand for projects. And they have these little plastic bottles that are intended for sand art, for like $0.75 - $0.99 a piece. They were prefect! Just the right size and cute shapes!

So now my medicine cabinet functions with form!

Just a little smile for me every morning and night.

I love little things like this.
 It brings me more joy than it probably should! :)

How pretty does that olive oil look!? 

*Now I just need to figure out something to hold my coconut oil. (I use it for moisturizer. Super good for you!) 
That one's more tricky because its solid at coolish room temperate -- so it needs a large mouth opening. So far I haven't come up with a good solution for that.


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