So you know how before I was freaking out about 
I would feel the baby's hiccups,

because I was sure feeling them up high meant she was breach?

And you know how I was told the baby is head down on Friday?

And how Blake and I both were shown how to feel her head?

I keep feeling hiccups up high again... 
but we feel her head down low.


I googled, and apparently many women with head-down babies (confirmed with Ultrasound) feel hiccups in their ribs. Crazy.

I copy and pasted this from one forum, because I never even thought of this, and it makes a lot of sense to me in regards to a lot of things in this pregnancy.

"such a great question! my boy is definitely head down (confirmed again via u/s 2 weeks ago) and i feel his hiccups ONLY up high!!! i am pretty sure i feel his little bottom "bouncing" with each hiccup. i've felt VERY little down low this entire pregnancy ... and today i was wondering if having had a previous csection has left some of my lower area more "numb", if that makes sense. for instance, i am still numb around the area of my incision ... 10 years later! i constantly feel him up high ... moving almost nonstop most days, wiggling, squirming, pushing, shifting ... but maybe a few times total have i felt anything down lower."

Anyway, I found that so intriguing and insightful I thought I would post it.


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