Don't drink that orange glucose tolerance drink!

The "Glucose Tolerance" test is normally given between 24 and 28 weeks for diabetes and similar conditions. It is given earlier for higher risk patients (including me with baby #3 since #2 was so big thanks to my husband's tall genetics -- I passed!).  Sometimes seemingly healthy moms develop gestational diabetes, a type of diabetes that seems to appear only while they are pregnant.  It can be controlled with diet and exercise but these moms must be closely controlled by their caregivers to ensure that the baby remains healthy. These women are also at a much higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life so it is good to make some lifestyle and diet changes that carry on well after pregnancy. I consider this test to be very important and informational.

The test is done by giving the mom a drink high in glucose (a type of sugar) then testing her blood one hour later. Normally caregivers give a pre-made orange drink that tastes like flat orange soda. I had this with my first pregnancy and my OB made me drink it at room temperature (apparently it tastes better chilled) then sit in her office and wait for one hour. Here are my two issues with that method and why I did it different for babies #2 and #3:

1) There is no need to sit in the caregiver's office for an hour!
You can very well ask at your prior appointment (your caregiver will give you warning) to consume the beverage on your own an hour before your appointment then arrive at your normal time for your appointment.  Why do you need to sit in their office for an hour unless you really feel like escaping your office or your older kids?  :)

2) That orange drink is filled with JUNK!
You have been doing a great job during your pregnancy to consume healthier foods and avoid chemicals and artificial food colorings that will all go to your baby.  Do not let this orange glucose tolerance drink fall through the cracks of your good health.  Look at what is on the label and check out these alternatives! If your caregiver does not inform you of them, then you can simply tell them at your prior appointment that you will be doing an alternative glucose consumption. They have no right to make you drink that orange syrup. This drink is not something that you want your fetus to be feeding on!

Glucose syrup [probably from GMO corn], maltodextrin, purified water, acidity control compound E330 [sounds yummy!], preservative E211 [why?], cola aroma [who needs this?], foodstuff color E150 [artificial & most likely toxic] , and carbonic acid.

Alternatives (as distributed by my midwifes' practice)
20 oz. of a natural ginger ale
14 oz. of orange juice not from concentrate
10 oz. of cranberry juice
10 oz. of grape juice


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