My Favourite Pregnancy & Baby Blogs

When I found out I was pregnant the first thing I did was log on to my PC and drain the internet looking for pregnancy/baby blogs!  I knew immediately that I wanted to start my own and I also had a million questions buzzing round my head that I needed answers to!  Some of the ladies below really helped me on my quest for pregnancy knowledge and some are just blogs that I LOVE following and seeing the updates on how their little ones (or little bumps) are doing!

Go check them all out!!

Sarah The beautiful Sarah over at Bump, Baby C and Me is a good friend of mine and is in her final trimester!  She has looked AMAZING throughout her entire pregnancy even sporting her big round bump from early on! Follow her blog for weekly pregnancy updates, baby related shopping lists and breast feeding debates!

Hannah A Little Beauty Spot has always been a fave beauty blog of mine and when Hannah announced she was expecting a few weeks ago I couldn't wait to follow her progress!  She has just come into her second trimester and looks incredible!  I can't wait to see her tiny bump grow :)  She also has a YouTube channel where she has started to vlog her pregnancy updates which I wish is something I could be confident enough to do as I LOVE to watch them!! Follow her blog for beauty posts, weekly pregnancy updates and posts on what she gets up to at the weekend!

Louise If you haven't come across Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter before then I do not know where you have been!  Plus if you have never come across her junior, Baby Glitter (Darcy) then you have been completely missing out!  These 2 are the cutest duo on the blogging/YouTube scene, creating beauty and baby related videos.  Its nice to read and watch what its like to have a 2 year old to prepare me for things to come!  Follow Louise for adorable Baby Glitter videos and makeup tips

Lara Another friend of mine from my town is Lara who is over on Adventures of a Mum!  She started blogging about halfway through her pregnancy about how to cope with certain ailments and what to buy to dress your bump!  She has an absolutely gorgeous new baby called Henry and you simply must read her birthing story as its totes emotional!  Follow her for pregnancy fashion and cute new baby pics!

Faye Scarlett and Me is probably the coolest baby/pregnancy blog I follow, the content is always top notch!  Faye is a mum to 2 beautiful little girls and she posts about mummy fashion, what to take on holiday, new product launches and recently a very lovely looking holiday in Marbella!  Follow her for super chic mummy updates, exercise advice and cool baby fashion!

Do you have a baby or pregnancy blog??  If so leave me your links below so I can follow them!


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