Baby Buys: Grobag Egg Thermometer

I was recommended the Grobag Egg Thermometer by a friend with a newborn and she advised it is a complete essential for any new mother! 

Its a very simple little device that will glow different colours according to the temperature of the room -  a very important thing to know for you and your little one! Health professionals recommend that the room your baby sleeps in should be between 16 and 20°C to help reduce the risk of cot death

The egg, which also doubles up as a night light, will glow yellow if the temperature is between the recommended guidelines   It also has a digital LCD screen to tell you what the temperature is

This wasn't something I was going to purchase until nearer Harry's due date but I saw an offer on the Bounty website that I couldn't miss out on, you can get the Grobag Egg Thermometer and a cute Egg Shell for £14.95!  Usual price is £34.95 so it is definitely worth getting if you are interested in one!

Have you used the Grobag Egg Thermometer or will you be getting one??


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