That Positive Line

Finding out we were having a baby was a SHOCK! It wasn't planned and I literally had no idea until I started to feel a bit poorly and took a trip to the GP. There's me sat waiting to hear the usual "you have a virus.. its going around.. nothing we can do" when I am told there is actually a little life growing inside of me! I nearly fainted
The first thing that went through our heads was how on earth are we going to afford having a baby!! But after much sitting down and being realistic about our earnings and things we spend money on that we don't need we realised that we could actually support a baby and ourselves as good as anybody else can. We also had to think about how our lives would change having the responsibility of a little one but both decided that it would change for the better and we're ready for it!
Now almost 13 weeks on we are super excited and cannot wait to meet the little lady or man we are to be the proud parents of!!

We don't know whether our baby will be pink or blue yet of course, but we will be finding out for sure! I hope you enjoy following our progress and I would love to follow yours too if you are also expecting!!

What did you feel like when you found out you were pregnant?


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