Shopping for Baby Girl

  Holy cow, you guys weren't kidding when you said shopping for baby girls is so much fun! :) I'm especially in love with nontraditional baby girl clothes, less with the pink ruffles & more bold, funky outfits. I've always been drawn to all things black & white, so I have a feeling babygirl's closet will closely resemble mine! Here is a little sample of a few of the goodies I have picked up so far.

 The Cream & Black Striped Onesie is from BabyGap, Gold Headband is from Etsy, Gold Sandals are from Marshalls, and the Chevron Bib & Black Headband are from Etsy

And now for my serious baby obsession - BABY LEGS! I love love loooooove leg warmers & tights on babies!! Plus I am a sucker for anything festive, my husband raised an eyebrow at me the other day when I told him that "I can't wait to decorate our baby for the holidays!" :) These are the ones I bought so far, two for Fall/Halloween and then a pair of Christmas tights. And you better believe if we weren't having a girl, I would be squeezing into those tights myself. LOVE!!

Seriously, itsy bitsy spider leg warmers on chubby baby legs at Halloween?! I die. I will continue to post all of my good finds for baby girl clothes... turns out I have lots of time on my hands when I'm not polishing off a bottle of wine on any given Tuesday night.


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