Weigh-in #2 (And some life-stuff)

8 Weeks Postpartum

 Time to Report!
I did terrible!
I didn't even try!
This is the walk of shame.

I'm still at my mom's house.
And while, yes, I could try here. I find it really hard to do while I'm not at home.
{The thing I have going in my favor is, it's harder to endlessly snack here. (I don't wanna clear out their pantry!)}
I haven't even turned on my 15 minute workout once since being here!
*Shakes head*

No change this week.
Still 12 pounds left to lose.
But miraculously, I've lost another inch off my waist, for no real reason (other than I'm not pregnant anymore.) Three inches left to go. Not bad.
(But that just goes to show that most of those pregnancy pounds are located in my butt! lol. I didn't realize that until a mirror at the store kindly pointed it out to me this week! That's what you see when there is no more baby belly to balance things out. ;-p )

We'll be heading home on Thursday (I think, that's the plan anyway).
Not sure I'll be doing a whole lot better this week.
But I do feel like I've made an emotional turn in the last couple days towards actually wanting to lose the weight. Where as before I didn't care, I just felt like I should lose the weight.
So yay for that.

And yay, because I think I can start swimming once I get home! I miss those little swimming-endorphin-friends.

In other news....
I've been looking at lots of recipes online this week,
and it has nothing to do with losing the baby weight.

We took J to an allergist recently and found out that she is indeed allergic to diary (Of course I knew that already) but she also came back allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Which was a huge surprise to me! She has eaten peanuts before, but she hates peanut butter (she wipes it off her tongue furiously.) So I just didn't even think about her being allergic. But apparently she is. So I guess its good that she hasn't eaten too much of them in general. And its reassuring to me to know she didn't go into aniphatic shock from them.
There was one time where she threw up after eating the chicken from chinese-take-out-cashew-chicken. At the time it seemed like a gag reflex (she's been known to do that) so we didn't think anything of it, but in hindsight I'm pretty sure it was the allergy.
She also came back allergic to eggs, which I had suspected, but not confirmed since she won't eat plain eggs. But the nice thing is, we were told she could have them if they were baked into something, such as cake.
I was happy to learn she is not allergic to soy, which I had been kinda concerned over. So that opens up a lot of options, food wise.
{And we also learned she is officially allergic to cats and dogs (thought so, but wasn't 100%.)}
{Also dust and ragweed, but to me that seems like just the standard human plight. At least it seems like everyone I know is bothered by those.}

The trip to the allergist was traumatic for me. It was very emotionally draining to watch J get the test (she's two, so of course she cried and screamed), then watch her skin react, and then get told a LOT of overwhelming information very fast.... on top of receiving an epipen. For me the epipen was the emotional cherry on top -- because it made everything so real. Of course I am glad to have it on hand, but I'm sad we should have it on hand. (Although I will say, since she hasn't reacted intensely to nuts in the past, my gut says we won't really ever need to use it.)

So after a week of me feeling seriously overwhelmed by the whole idea of my daughter not getting to be "normal" I started to get used to the idea. It's so weird, I never thought anything about my kids having allergy issues, neither Blake or I have any food allergies. We are hoping she will outgrow them, which we have been told is very common in regards to the milk allergy. So that's what we are praying for.
The last couple days I've been looking at recipes online and pinning them. And I'm actually getting pretty excited. There are a lot of cool recipes out there. {If you are curious, here are my finds.}
It seems like the answer to "cheese" is often tofu or nutritional yeast. I'm not at all familiar with these, but I think we will become good friends. Also there is a lot of using avocado or hummus instead of cheese --which works great since J is a hummus L-O-V-E-R!
So I'm feeling happy since I think we can start eating more foods together. (I mean I can make dairy free lasagna! How cool is that!?)
Although, J is still defiantly a toddler and doesn't like a lot of stuff yet. So I'm not sure when these recipes will really start getting good use. Currently, she mainly just wants to eat meat. Which has worked in our favor so far in keeping her safe from a lot of things she shouldn't be eating, so I'm not complaining.

So yeah, that's my news to share this week.
Well other than Baby A getting cuter and cuter. She is smiling and "talking" more and more. She's definitely more "verbal" than J was as a baby. She's such an easy going baby. I'm so excited to watch her grow and see more and more of who she is. That's something I've noticed: since I've gotten to watch J grow into an adorable little girl, I'm much less reluctant to let Baby A grow up (I don't get sad when she outgrows her newborn diapers or when her 0-3 month clothes get tight) because I just love getting to see more and more of their whole persona.


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