Weigh-in #1

Time to Report In!

After our talk, I got really excited to do this. (Thanks for your support! Huge Help!)

So this week I was awesome at counting my points and getting them just right.
Well, that is while I was at home.
Friday we left to go see family. And since then I've not been perfect. I haven't tracked my points (because I don't really know what's in the food I'm eating.) And to be honest, I know I cheated. I had ice-cream just because someone else was (twice!) Bad Lydia! (You can yell at me!)
But at least I didn't cheat anywhere as much as I would have if I didn't know you were checking on me! (Believe me, there were plenty of cravings I denied! Including like 45 cans of Pepsi!)

The working out for this week --- total fail. Didn't happen! (You can yell at me!)
But I will get there. I promise.

Well while at home I lost close to two pounds. I was right on the edge, like: "Please scale, come on, just say the next lower pound!"
And now I am at my mom's house, so its not the same scale, so I really can't be sure of much. But if our scales are magically calibrated the same, then I officially have lost two pounds now.
But my fear is that this scale is nicer, and when I get home I will be told that ice-cream put pounds back on.
I guess we will have to wait and see.

So week one:
A successful imperfection.

So please comment, I need feedback support!


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