Thank You

I want to say Thank You 
to anyone
who has reached out to me 
and said anything nice about this blog.

You have no idea how much that means to me.

I didn't know what I was doing when I started blogging my pregnancy journey.
(It was kind of a 180 in terms of this blog's original direction.)
I think I just needed an outlet while I worked towards my terrifying (to me) goal.
And I was pretty scared to put it all out there. I wasn't sure how anyone would respond.
I was nervous to receive tons of criticism.
But you have all been so kind.
I had no idea my thoughts and experiences would encourage or help anyone else.
I'm actually still kind of baffled that it could.
(Especially when people in different-than-mine life circumstances say I've encouraged them in some way.)
But I'm really glad that it has.
And it means so much to me when you share with me the ways in which its bolstered you.

You encourage me.
A lot.

Its been easy to feel alone lately.
{First happening during pregnancy -- which often makes me feel out of place as a conspicuous  centerpiece.
Second, in hoping to VBAC which is often misunderstood --- it is a segregating desire, since you aren't given all the options or confidence that un-scarred women are. 
And third of all, in moving to a brand new place.
And lastly, in the young days of motherhood, where I have been mainly in my own home for the majority of my days.}
So having people with me via this blog, all through my process, has been a comfort.

You also encourage me spiritually.
I often see my emotional process as terribly flawed, but your words of kindness and heartfelt respond have shown me a part of God's heart, and how He is more likely to view what I'm going through.
And since we have been away from church so often (mainly due to RSV and it's contagiousness, but also due to having a new baby.) I can always use some spiritual encouragement. (Actually regardless of church attendance, I'd always welcome spiritual encouragement.)

Thank you to anyone who's said nice things about our VBAC.
I know that I wasn't on this journey for anyone but our family and our desire to follow God's voice on the matter.  But I spent this pregnancy blogging and seeing the process get so many page views throughout that time, so it can be easy for me to misinterpret the bigger silence than I expected following this birth as some form of judgement. Silly, but true.
So thank you for the kind words that have been shared.

Oh yes,
And how could I forget...THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU to anyone who prayed for me during this journey --- Value beyond what you know.
(I wouldn't mind continued prayer as I continue to process it all. I'm still messier than I expected to be at this point.)

I may not be good at responding individually to each of your kindnesses,
but I want you to know
 that they each have burrowed into my heart
 and warm it more than you know!
So Thank You once more!


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