Time to Lose the Baby Weight

Ok I need your help!
I'm seriously lacking drive and focus at this point.
It's been two years of me being really intense about food.
And to be honest, I am totally burnt out.
I gave myself permission to eat anything I wanted right after Baby A was born.
And I have.
And honestly, since my tastebuds were still wonky, it wasn't all that great. (Stink!)
But I got my sugar-craver back during that time. (Stink again!)
So right now all I'm thinking about (again) is cookies! (What's with me and cookies?)
(Too much cookie monster -- J loves cookie monster --- yeah that's got to be it. ;) )
But I want to get the baby weight off.
And eating pop tarts, frozen pizza, pop, cookies and butter pecan ice-cream isn't gonna get me there.

I don't regret giving myself that month off.
And I'm not mad if it sets me back as far as when I get the baby weight off.
It seriously just needed to happen.
I needed some freedom.

But anyway,
Now that my goal (my VBAC) has happened (you see, that's honestly the only thing that got me to lose the weight before --- my shear determination to give myself the best chance at a VBAC) I don't really feel the strength in me this time to get the extra pounds off.
I keep fighting lame-o thoughts that tell me there is no reason to do it this time. "Just eat the cookies!"
And wow do those thoughts sound intelligent!
But they are wrong.
I need to stay healthy for my family.
To be the best mom I can for my girls and a healthy wife for my husband.
Eating cookies all day long is not nice to anyone. (Except my tongue!){Queue: Cookie Monster crunching sounds.}
Its not a good example.
And its not good stewardship.

I need to eat healthy.
And get back to my good ol' healthy BMI.

{And I need to realize this is not vanity talking here. Another excuse that keeps buzzing around my head.}

I'm not putting a deadline on the weight loss.
But lets be real, faster is preferable. Because then I can get back to thinking a little less about food sooner. (I need to get out of this mental space asap!)

Since I am seriously not strong enough to do this on my own anymore.
{Totally burned out.}
I'm about to do something scary....
Duhn duhn Duhnn

And yes, dear reader, please {seriously} please comment. 
(You can seriously just write "I read it." Or you can say happy things to me -- that's always welcome!)
So I know people are reading.
So I can have a motivation.
Otherwise, I'm probably going to be making a batch of cookies every other day, and demolishing them by myself!
So, you see, you are needed.

I probably should join weight watchers so that I would have an accountability group.
But I don't want to/really shouldn't spend them money.

So I'm gonna do what I did last time, and use their ideas.

My goals
are to stick to the allotted number of points every day. And workout at least 5 times a week. (Initially I'm gonna go easy and work my way up. Hopefully I can start swimming soon -- seriously can't wait -- darn post-baby-stuff.)

And then I will blog about where I am at once a week to keep accountable.
(So even if you don't comment -- which you SHOULD! {PLEASE!} I'm still going to be putting it out there.)

If anyone wants to join me...
You can determine your allotted number of points here.
This is a list of what most foods are worth.
And if its not on the list you can use this calculator here to find out.

Where I am at now.
(I'm not going to blog my actual weight because I don't want this to be a comparison thing for anyone, myself included. I will just reference pounds and inches above pre-pregnancy weight.)

I've lost 18lbs.
(All but one of those pounds came off by unpregnifiying. Then I ate all that food and stayed the same weight for a month. The last pound I lost this week with points counting.)
I need to lose 14 more pounds to get to my pre-pregnant weight.

My belly has shrunk an incredible 8 inches just by unpregnifiying. Bodies are awesome!
I have 4 inches to go to get to my pre-pregnant waist.
(This I think will take longer than the weight loss, which is fine. It just takes a while for the whole thing to happen. I doubt I be posting much change on this very often yet, but I will post when it matters.)

Here we go!
(And thanks in advance!)

Oh and P.S.
I need you to comment now, because I'm about to go on a family visiting trip this weekend, and that always equates to good food -- so I need to know you are gonna be asking me how it went!


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