Decorating the Baby

 Sometimes I accidentally tell my husband that I can't wait to decorate the baby. 
What I really mean, is to dress her up in festive outfits for every. single. holiday. I would literally wear reindeer antlers the entire month of December if it were socially acceptable.  I have been good about buying too many future holiday outfits... but I can't resist accessories!! I know some babies hate headbands & won't wear them ..But I have a feeling that Little G will love them as much as I do! :)

 Today, my most recent headband purchases arrived in the mail... and my heart burst with happiness knowing that they are for the next two holidays!! If Little G arrives a little early, she will have some Valentine's Day accessories waiting for her! But if not, St. Patty's Day it is!! 

 These headbands are from a blog sponsor, Jameson Monroe, on etsy. They are literally too cute for words! I have purchased SO many headbands (and baby legs..and bibs..) in the last 9 months from them .. I'm sure they're getting sick of me cleaning out their inventory! :) Might I also note, they did not ask me to write this post, I am just so very excited about the new headbands that I have to share!

Ooh how convenient.. one of the headbands even matches the coming home outfit (from the Gap) that we chose!


 Did your babes arrive early? I know Little G is going to come when she is ready, but of course I would love if she would maybe make her appearance maybe just a few days early on February 13th... Valentine's Day Eve! Am I allowed to hope for that? :) Hospital bag is packed... Nursery is FINISHED... All the strawberry jelly has been eaten... So excited for this sweet baby to come into the world! Ok wait.. just a few more weeks.. I'm not that ready

PS. Thank you ALL for the sweet comments about our maternity pictures!! We are so happy with them & so glad we could capture this fun time in our lives. I am already having anxiety about my baby bump going away.. although I have a feeling that I might like my baby better on the outside! :)


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