Christmas Favorites & a little GIVEAWAY!

 Happy December 1st! I am so excited for Christmas this year so I just had to post about it! :) First, in terms of baby updates, I passed my glucose test!! Holiday sweets, here I come! I dove right in to Christmas baking the other night while putting together a package for my brother who is in college. I figured he & his roommates could use some festive treats & I could SAMPLE them all. I found this awesome recipe for a Christmas Snack Mix which was way easy & seriously addicting. Something you could definitely throw together last minute.

I have been loving RED lately! I realized that on a daily basis, all of the things below put me in the Christmas spirit.

 Philosophy Candy Cane Shower Gel - the mintyness is perfect for waking up in the morning.
Red Glitter OPI nail polish "Gettin' Miss Piggy With It" - obsessed with this color, but best to put on your toes because this glitter is a pain to take off
Starbucks Peppermint Mocha - Christmas in a cup!
Bath & Body Works Candle "Marshmallow Peppermint" - If I could eat this, I would
Kate Spade Holiday Socks - these are pricey, but I will buy anything that is red & pink striped, also, the white & gold socks that come with it aren't too shabby either :)

Side note: I think this would be a great Christmas GIFT IDEA! Put all of these items in a gift bag (probably stick with a gift card rather than throwing a drink in there - but it's your choice) & give to your favorite people, great gift under $50!
Also in my ramblings of red holiday love... this little onesie that I bought the other day is the most festive thing ever!! I love it so much, I really, really want one in my size!! Purchased from Eight Baby Legs etsy shop.

Last but not least, a GIVEAWAY! After reading the overwhelming love for the red glittery reusable coffee sleeve from Starbucks that I mentioned in a previous post... and hearing that most of you weren't able to find them near you.... I happened to find another one the other day & snatched it up to give to one of YOU! Just leave a comment if you love it & I will use to pick a winner this weekend :)


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