How to leave a comment

A few of you have emailed me about your issues leaving a comment and I apologize for this inconvenience. I checked and now it works on iPhones and iPads! I changed some settings that should make it easier:

  1. Posts have to be left at  So if you have subscribed to the blog as an email or through a reader, you will have to go to the actual website to leave your comment.
  2. After the blog posting that you want to post on, click the words "Post a Comment."
  3. Enter your comment in the box labeled "Enter your comment." 
  4. Under the comment box, is the text "Comment as: Select Profile." Click on "Select Profile." If you already have an ID through a blogging software or if you use google, select your profile or select "Anonymous." If you use Anonymous, make sure that your comment has your name in it!
  5. Sometimes you have to type some random text in a box to confirm that you are a human and not a computer spammer.
  6. Click "Publish."
Let me know how this work!  If you have any issues, email me at elizabeth.ebinger [at] gmail [dot] com.


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