This is My Kinda Math

So you remember how I was 40 weeks last week?

Guess what...

I will be 40 weeks
on Thursday now.

You have entered the time warp with me!
Time no longer exists.
I just sit here floating in a bubble of waiting, 
I don't know what day it is. 
I don't know what's going on in the world.
I just know...

"You need to come out!"

So... yeah.

Talking things through today at our appointment
it was brought up that, in general, my cycles are usually a week longer than the standard 28 day cycle. 
And upon reviewing the results of my sonogram (done back in IL), 
we decided I'm not really due until July 5th.  
(And you might not believe me, but I didn't even bring any of it up.  
God must have lined it up for me.)

So I've had a week put back on the clock.
You have no idea how much stress that takes off my plate.
No more freakout-this-is-the-end! mental state, this week.  

Hopefully that will help give me the state of clam I need for my body to kick it into gear.
Which, believe me, we are trying to do.  

So Am I 
40 weeks again 
in this photo?
I guess so! 
actually I'm 39+5 in this photo.

(But in all reality....I know I'm 41 weeks. We just are ignoring that for now.)


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