So this week,
I've had a lot of contractions,
I've had lot of (TMI) bloody show.
I've had tons of promise...
But no baby yet.

My thoughts have battled endless words of discouragement.



Lucky for me,
I have an outstanding husband
who prayed me through it.

I literally don't know what I would have done without him there.

And so now,
in my moments left
in 'the waiting place',
I want to rebuttal 
the words 
that have been echoing in my head.

Please note:
I'm not talking to any person,
I am talking to the fears and powers I've battled.
(Also, please note, while most these pictures are of me, a few are generic.
Most notably, the taped up scar -- I wish my belly looked like that so soon! ;) )

*Edited in 11/16/12:
Maybe you could make your own set of photos for yourself, when facing your delivery -- no matter your circumstances. (Even a scheduled c-section could benefit from this preemptive healing process.) Just address whatever comes up in your thoughts.
These really helped me during my labor -- I envisioned them when I needed a boost.

If you don't use photoshop, just print out photos and use a sharpie!!


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