Spinning Babies

My first daughter was born via Cesarean Section. After two hours of pushing, and the baby not tolerating labor the greatest at that point, they told me her head was titled so she couldn't fit past my pelvic bone.
I, being someone who just likes to understand things, had a hard time with this explanation. It made no sense to me. (I mean I knew I was doing everything I could, and that she wasn't budging. But I didn't understand why.) So at every appointment I had afterwards I asked questions about it, trying to figure it out.

I learned her postion was called asynclitic. And that she had her head tipped to the side, like her ear was aimed towards her shoulder. And she also had her chin extended outward.

So me being the person I am, I continued to dwell on this for basically ever. And one day while googling the infamous word I was fixated on, I came across this website.

It was the first time I understood the word asynclitic for real. And the first time I realized, that while its very possible my daughter would have needed to be born via c-section no matter what, that there actually are some techniques out there that can help asynclitic babies come out vaginally.

Since then I have been enthralled with the website.
Its a really cool resource both during pregnancy and during labor. So I just wanted to mention it on the blog so other ladies might also get to use it.

Probably the most practical part, is the section where she covers a few basic stretches and activities to do regularly in pregnancy to hopefully help baby be in a good fetal position for birth.
Those can be found here.

For when you are in labor, here are her helpful suggestions for that.

If you are trying to figure out how your baby is positioned inside during pregnancy, here is her tutorial for that.
(Scroll down, past the booklet there is a free tutorial available below)

If your baby is breech, here are her suggestions for that.

So lots of good stuff!

And I find myself sucked into the entire site all the time. But maybe that's just me! :)

Hope you find it helpful!

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(Update 7/18/12: After using many of the stretches and daily activities --- and employing other helpful tips (from my healthy pregnancy tips) , I did go on to have a safe and healthy VBAC. You can read my birth story here.)


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